Italy nude dating

TLC in the Netherlands is in the midst of airing a Dutch version, and production recently wrapped on the UK and Ireland version, also set to air on TLC.

Meanwhile, SBS has picked up the format for Australia.

Channel 4's Naked Attraction saw contestants stripped bare, apparently to explore the science of 'raw primitive attraction' and hopefully find love - but viewers were more fixated on the nudity than any potential romances. Viewers were left shocked by the first episode of new dating show Naked Attraction, hosted by Anna Richardson on Channel 4, that sees contestants strip down to explore the science of 'raw primitive attraction'...

Just a few months later, though, Rory allegedly broke things off over the phone.'The problem is mine.

According to local media, the tourists and locals gathered at the monument applauded his swim, many using their mobile phones to record the scene.

The police officers on duty however were less impressed.

They covered the man in a towel before taking him to the police station.

There, the culprit reportedly tried to pass himself off as a foreigner before police established that he was a native Italian, according to local paper Roma Today.

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