One out of 100 chinese dating show

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COMEDIAN DES BISHOP spent a year in China learning how to speak Mandarin for a new RTÉ show, but did you know he made an appearance on a dating show while he was there?

Bishop popped up on ‘One out of 100′ or ‘Cream of The Crop’, a popular matchmaking series that sounds rather similar to Take Me Out.

They range in size from more than nine feet tall to just a few inches.

Such public self-disclosure has not acted as an impediment to the show's growth.

But rather - according to its host, Meng Fei - as the secret to its success.

Male contestants are trolleyed out to appear before a panel of female judges - and judged they are.

The show is known for its brutal honesty in which men are regularly cut down to size while trying to woo their lady.

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