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As I set out on this experiment, I had only one goal: to reduce the number of missed connections I had on Tinder.

For whatever reason, first impressions matter a great deal, and having a bad first message is often the epistolary iceberg that sinks your romantic Titanic. Name poems can be funny, romantic, or personalized (Alaskan? They only take a few minutes to create, and if you think long and hard enough you can always come up with something clever.

Jettisoned into all these new places — knowing not a soul — Tinder made it possible to befriend and beguile and be befouled by all sorts of interesting people.

Czechs and Germans and hot-tempered Russians who know that the only time you can hurl alcohol respectably is when it’s still in the glass and the hurling is done with your forearm.

Thank you for giving me the incentive to begin writing again.” Your response to this competition has been humbling.

As the deadline fast approaches (Sunday, at midnight), we asked famous names from all walks of life to tell us about the verse they turn to, whether in moments of thoughtfulness, in search of memories or for pure entertainment.

Note: This is a collaborative piece with a cool and witty Blogger, Ranting Crow.

Emilia Fox, Actress I love Raymond Carver’s poems, and asked my father to read “Cherish” at my wedding.Given that Tinder is really geared toward trying to pick up people, in a bar-like setting, only minus the alcohol and social interactions, here’s the top 20 funniest pick up lines that people have attempted on Tinder.Rather than resorting to cheesy chat-up lines, the 25-year-old copywriter, who uses the pen name 'Joe Bagel', started sending 'name poems' - or acrostics - and found that his fortunes on the dating app have markedly improved.Funny, moving, engaging, sad and even intriguing – in the past five weeks, since we launched our Poetry for Performance competition in association with the Rose Theatre, Kingston, we have received nearly 3,000 poems from readers, ranging from seven-year-olds to one 98-year-old.Poetry is there when people are in need – of cheering up, or of contemplation.

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