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For years, the name Symantec has been synonymous with two areas; anti-virus software and enterprise backup systems.

In 1990, Symantec purchased Norton and with it still holds the title as best-selling anti-virus software in the world, although it has long since lost its claim as the best product on the market.

Restoring Windows 2003 Small Business Server Operating System 1. This basic Windows 2003 Small Business Server installation is necessary to provide Backup Exec with a target to which it can restore the system.

The computer name, Windows 2003 Small Business Server directory (%systemdrive%:\%windir%) and the file system (NTFS) must be the same as the previous Windows 2003 Small Business Server installation.

• Three-level centralized management of configuration, reporting and updating.

This is a great controller alternative for PC gamers looking for the familiarity of a console system.

My inspiration came from an instillation piece I saw a couple years ago by an artist named Nils Guadagnin who was able to achieve the same effect.

I used an electromagnetic kit that has a laser stabilization technology in it to get the magnets to hover in place.

Format the partitions the same size (or larger), and file system as before the failure. While changing the server name, click the more button, this is where you will set the FQDN Fully Quallified Domain Name for the DC without having to join the domain.

This is important because the Backup Exec backups will always use a FQDN on a DC, thus a NETBIOS name will not work. Install any, and all, previously installed operating system service packs and hotfixes prior to the disaster.

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