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Companies had the chance to hear what services would be particularly helpful to nonprofits in their communities – and nonprofits had a chance to “pitch” their skills-based project in a low-risk, low-pressure environment and get feedback on what will make their project even more attractive to potential corporate partners.

Color sugar-lift aquatint, printed chine colle, image 14 x 11 in. Museum docents will introduce different expressions of love in the permanent collection. Programming and general admission to the permanent collection galleries are free of charge today.

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This session at the 2015 Volunteer Match Summit brought together companies and nonprofits who want to take that second step with their skills-based volunteer programs, through a fun, interactive speed dating session.

Service Enterprise isn’t a volunteer management training program, but an organizational realignment that helps nonprofits rethink how they use volunteers to address community needs.

We're recruiting for our next cohort, which will begin in January, 2018 and will discuss the process, benefits, commitment, timeline, and cost of the Service Enterprise Initiative.

They drive the organization’s mission of providing unique and highly useful programming for the UX design and start-up communities here in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The Organization Director will help lead the group into the next phase of it’s life through consistent programming, membership growth, and volunteer management.

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