Updating linked tables in access tulsa dating personals

Connect, 1, 5) = "ODBC;") Then 'We only need to refresh a single table. Connect = "ODBC; Description=___; DRIVER=SQL Server; SERVER=___; APP=Microsoft Office 2010; DATABASE=___" tb. I suppose I could delete the linked table, but I'd much rather get the programmatic refresh working like the standard one does. After altering the SQL Server tables to use datetime instead of datetime2, the below code worked just fine: Option Compare Database Option Explicit Function Refresh Linked Tables() As Boolean Dim db As DAO. Refresh Next Set db = Nothing Refresh Linked Tables = True Exit Function End Function Thanks @Gord Thompson. I'm not 100% and I'd like to remove it if I can. We want users to authenticate via Windows Authentication (again, legacy app that'll hopefully get moved to the web or a 3rd-party solution one-day), and we know it works this way. For information about entering new data in a database, see the article Add one or more records to a database.

dns-less connection string can't be changed in linked table manager. I'm working with a legacy Microsoft Access database that we've recently updated to use linked tables/SQL Server backend. I'm making some changes to the structure of the data and would like to programmatically update the linked table reference. So on my local machine, I could open up the MS Access file with tables linked to the computer named CDC-EBLEY2-7\SQLEXPRESS, but if you were to open the file from someone else’s computer, an Connection failed: SQL State: ‘01000’ SQL Server Error 67 SQL Server Error: 17 (blah blah blah) resulted. Because I enabled my server to be connected to via TCP/IP over port 1433 – which are the defaults, but it has to be explicitly set in the connection string of every table.What I needed was to connect to CDC-EBLEY2-7,1433\SQLEXPRESS so others could open the MS Access file and NOT get errors.

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