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However, until recently most dating violence research has focused on adult couples or college students, not on adolescents.Evidence suggests that dating violence among high school students is more widespread than previously believed, and may have serious developmental consequences.comprises three resources, including a Bullying Questionnaire and two manuals, as well as other materials.Readiness Assessment This tool will help you gauge how prepared your school is to implement the program.Other students, called bystanders, are also affected by the bullying Online courses provide information about bullying, dating violence These interactive programs provide key information about bullying, cyber bullying, and dating violence, and explain how schools, community organizations, and parents can create safe, healthy environments.Learn more Olweus free webinars Educators and lawmakers are addressing bullying, harassment, and hazing in their laws and policies. Youth suicide can be prevented Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people, according to the American Association of Suicidology.Four Core Components The is a long-term, system-wide program for change involving program components at four levels.Trainer Certification Periodically, we offer a Trainer Certification Course for people interested in becoming a certified trainer in the .

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While this site is informative, it's not a substitute for talking to your doctor and your parents.....Risk factors do not automatically mean that a person will become a domestic violence victim or an offender.Also, although some risk factors are stronger than others, it is difficult to compare risk factor findings across studies because of methodological differences between studies.The female age group at highest risk for domestic violence victimization is 16 to 24.[25] Among one segment of this high-risk age group—undergraduate college students—22 percent of female respondents in a Canadian study reported domestic violence victimization, and 14 percent of male respondents reported physically assaulting their dating partners in the year before the survey.[26] And although the victimization of teen girls is estimated to be high, it is difficult to “…untangle defensive responses from acts of initial violence against a dating partner.”[27] Although domestic violence occurs across income brackets, it is most frequently reported by the poor who more often rely on the police for dispute resolution.Victimization surveys indicate that lower-income women are, in fact, more frequently victims of domestic violence than wealthier women.

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