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The Time and Prince have a strong connection; Prince played a large role in helping to form the band in his native Minneapolis.

As Prince’s emblem appeared behind the stage, the lights went dark, and when they came back up, Mars was there, in a glittery, purple, Prince-esque suit. He launched into a skillful guitar solo, causing the crowd to go nuts.

The Time and Bruno Mars took the stage to honor the late Prince at the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday evening.

Morris Day’s band took the stage to belt out “Jungle Love” and “The Bird,” getting the audience moving.

Here are nine protégés who prove just how influential Prince really was: Vanity's (real name Denise Matthews) biggest hit was her 1982 tune "Nasty Gal," which was written and produced by Prince.

The model met Prince at the 1980 American Music Award and he invited her to join a girl group he was forming.

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The American feminist who popularised Ms as an alternative for Miss and Mrs has died at the age of 78.

But it had fallen into obscurity by the time civil rights activist Sheila Michaels, who has died from leukaemia in New York, spotted it on the address label of a Marxist publication that had been sent to her flatmate in 1961.We’re gonna probably have something later on as well for everyone else.It will be in stages, because there is a lot to process, but for the family we needed to do this for closure.” During the memorial, the small group listened to Prince’s music.However, her efforts were at first ignored by fellow feminists who thought there were more important priorities.Then, in a 1969 broadcast on a New York radio station, Ms Michaels – by then a member of a far-Left women’s rights group – casually mentioned Ms and interest exploded.

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