Vb net radiobutton validating

I want the login form to allow logging in for the user with the correct combination of correct username and password and the correct radio button. I have only managed to login after verifying the Username and Password, for the radio buttons I have failed.

Text = "" Then Msg Box("All fields are required.") Return Else If rb Admin.

The best workaround is to create a custom validator to validate Radio Buttons.

In this article we are going to implement a custom validator for Radio Buttons but this can easily be changed to be used by a Check Box control. You have a Radio Button and you want to make sure that the user of the application checks that Radio Button.

The username and password values are taken from SQL Server database table User Details. If my username is 'john' and my password is 'johns' and i am a secretary (selected radio button rb Sec).

NET login form with a Username (textbox name txt Username), Password(textbox name txt Password) and 3 radio buttons (rb Admin, rb Sec and rb Treasure. Ole Db Public Class frm Login Private Sub OK_Click(By Val sender As System.

To get started let's go ahead and fire up visual studio and the create a new web application / website project. The mark up would look something like this: Noticed that I've added a templatefield column so that we can add the radio button there.

Also I have set up some Bound Field columns and set the Data Fields as Row Number, Col1 and Col2.

Since a gridview is rendered as table element , at run time it will assign different "name" to each radio button. In this post I'm going to demonstrate how select one radio button at a time in gridview and add a simple validation on it.This example requires that two Radio Button controls and a List Box have been instantiated on a form.In my form there is a "Validating" event on a textbox. Is there a way to not execute the "Validating" event when the user clicks on the "Cancel" button? Exclamation) Using conn As New Ole Db Connection("Data Source=JUNIOR-PC; Initial Catalog=TBSociety; Persist Security Info=True; User ID=sa; Password=adminadmin") conn. But on running it I get an error message which reads as "Must declare scalar variable @Username". I just think its a stupid error which i cant rectify.

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