How to survive dating a bitch

None of this made me fear for my physical safety, and the block option is always there, but it’s the sheer amount of it that started to get to me after a while, combined with the fact that I never knew when it was going to happen. I was losing control of myself and my previously calm demeanour, and the idea of respectful conversation and dating was beginning to seem like a distant dream that I was becoming increasingly incapable of achieving. They don’t hold back from saying exactly what they want sexually, using graphic, graphic detail, despite the fact that you have never once asked to know. And sometimes it feels pretty damn good to stop just accepting the abuse.

But it was because I was getting the worst side of masculinity thrown at me. They taunt and tease you with the knowledge that there will be zero repercussions and they can move on seamlessly to the next person in the endless line of people. The internet is also the one place where women can stand up for themselves without the fear of receiving actual physical violence in return.

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Every single man and every single woman is perfectly capable of not cheating on their significant others, of having a conversation about their emotional and sexual needs and—as is one of my three rules of dating—having a conversation with their significant other when those things change. I have been hit on by a lot—and I stress this point—a lot of married men.

People with mental illness are professionals, educated, well traveled, and have close relationships. A person’s character and accomplishments should be recognized before their condition. It is more important to have someone listen and be present, than constantly trying to give advice.

Professionals are obligated to give advice, not you.

OK, I say that in jest (in case you missed that earlier when you clicked on this). I blame this on the fact that literally no female character in any TV/movie/advertisement is depicted as ever, ever, having a period. You live in a culture in which periods not only don't exist, but are seen as weird and shameful if they do.

Having a period is not some weird anomaly that only happens to a small subset of diseased people. As just one example of many, Instagram allows women to post explicit photos of their nearly naked bodies, but removed a photo of a fully clothed woman who put a photo up of her with her menstruating because it didn't follow “community guidelines.”Frankly, I am confused by this culture, as women (who, need I remind you, make up 50 percent of the global population) get a reminder every month that our periods exist and that we'd better be OK with them (even if Instagram isn't, apparently).

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