Dating supermodels

Kerr had previously dated multi-billionaire James Packer, who's now engaged to Mariah Carey.

While the singer's new "authorized biography" details some of the unsavory stuff of his spectacular life, like a suicide attempt, it also reveals that he has a predilection for dating supermodels.

He also dated and had a son with Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez. He also squired Ashley Greene, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Clearly, it's coach likes models of the Victoria's Secret type.

that says humans are more attracted to people their own height.

"How do you respond to girls when they tell you they are models?

I've been getting that a few times in my gaming career and still have no clue how to reply... Why did you chose to work as a model when you could have chosen...? " Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

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