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One morning in 2007, Leah Du Buc, a twenty-two-year-old college student in Kalamazoo, began writing an essay for English class that she hoped would save her life.She knew that people like her had been beaten, bombed, shot at, killed.How Many V-Card Carriers Are There on College Campuses, and What Do Others Think of Them?While it may seem like everyone around you is DTF on any given Friday night, the truth is that virginity is way more common than collegiettes think.

Her story, she warned, “is not a nice one, but hopefully it will have a happy ending.”Du Buc had grown up in Howell, Michigan, a small town of berry and melon farmers. She had earned straight A’s, written for the school newspaper, led Students Against Driving Drunk (she voted to change the name to Students Against Destructive Decisions, she says, to stress that “there are lots of bad decisions that can get you killed”), and performed in “Grease” and “Once Upon a Mattress,” while working part time as a cashier at Mary’s Fabulous Chicken & Fish.

Pianist Mary Anne Huntsman and investment banker Evan Borger Morgan were introduced by a mutual friend, meeting for a casual drink in New York City.

A far cry from the musicians, actors and world travelers Mary Anne was used to dating, Evan's self-described workaholic tendencies and run of the mill finance background had Mame (as she's referred to by family and friends) skeptical.

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