When does willow start dating oz

, our lovable hacker pined for her best friend, Xander.

Her feelings weren’t reciprocated (Xander was too busy mooning over Buffy), but even so, she carried a torch for him well into season two.

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That little innocent schoolgirl thing is just, uh, just an act, right? We're in my daddy's car, it's just the two of us, there is a beautiful, big full moon outside tonight. "Phases" begins with Willow's increasing frustration that Oz shows no sign of wanting to get seriousnot to mention physicalwith her.Cordelia is frustrated with Xander because he keeps talking about Willow, even while making out in Sunnydale's lover's lane under a beautiful full moon.They are attacked by a werewolf that rips a hole in the car's roof.

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